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A Mistral fountain pen in Thuya Burr

Mistral Fountain Pen with body of Thuya Burr, in Gold and Gunmetal


This Mistral fountain pen features polished gold and gunmetal fittings, with high-quality Titanium plating on UK-made components, including the nib and ink reservoir.


Crafted from a Thuya Burr blank, the wood boasts a vibrant orange-red hue with contrasting dark patterns. The Thuya trees are regularly coppiced to promote the twisted knotty growth that creates the distinctive 'Birds Eye' appearance of the pen.


The pen is supplied in a small pouch to protect it when carried in a bag or pocket.


The pen uses 'International Standard' ink refills or alternatively bottled ink can be used with the ink reservoir provided. A blue refill is supplied as standard, but other colours are available on request. Further refills can be bought from many stationers or online, but if you have any difficulty obtaining replacements, please let me know.


Dimensions of the pen (not including pouch or box)

- Length: 133 mm (5.2 Inches)
- Width: 16 mm (0.6 Inches), 20 mm (0.8 Inches) including the clip
- Weight: 43grams (1.25 Ounces).


    We provide a no-quibble guarentee for all of our products. If you are not happy with the product for whatever reason, then please return the item for a refund. Please see our Returns Policy and Guarentee for details.


    Shipping is not included in the cost of the blanks. Shipping costs are based on the weight of the consignment. See our Shipping Policy page for more details.

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