Who are Tessellata?

Tessellata is a micro-enterprise run by me, Robin Williams, with occasional help from my wife Elaine without whose support this project would never have come into being.  The overall aim is to provide a UK-based site that supports hobbyist wood turners and woodworkers that make small objects such as pens and pencils, Christmas tree ornaments and other objets d'art.  The site will have an open gallery for users to display their work as well as reference articles and project ideas.

To support this, we sell items to support the hobby - initially a range of pen blanks in a wide variety of woods, but I hope to add other blank materials, pen and pencil kits and other useful items.

Why Tessellata?

Tessellata can be translated (very roughly) from Latin as "Mosaic Pictures" - something like the one shown here. The word seemed like a good name for a company; it is unique, easy to remember and fairly short, and if you remember the double-s and double-l, it is not so difficult to spell.