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Useful Links

The following links will take you to a new site in a new page or tab depending on your browser. Please note that Tessellata have no control over the contents of these pages, but we have generally found them useful. We cannot accept any responsibility for issues which may arise from your visit to non-Tessellata owned pages. Each site will have its own terms and conditions which may vary from those on our site, so please abide by these on your visit.

The comments below are my own and are not endorsed by the visited site. I do not make any money from any purchases you may make from these site.


Useful information for wood turners

One of the most useful sites I have ever found. Describes over 600 types of timber, how to identify timber types and how well these timbers turn and finish. There are also a number of useful articles on timber identification and related topics.

Kit Suppliers

We do not supply pen, pencil or other project kits simply because there are a number of very good suppliers already out there, The following sites are the ones we use regularly for the pens and other objects we make ourselves.

One of my favourite sites for kits and other parts and with a wide range of stock. In my experience these are good value for money and delivery is typically within one or two days of ordering.

Another useful site with a wide range of kits as well as spare parts and kit making tools. Fast delivery.

As the name suggests, this is a great one-stop shop for ring making and turning, with ring cores, tools and blanks.

The sister site to Ring Supplies above - Greenvill supply a nice range of kits as well as some more general turning tools and supplies.

UK based Manufacturer and supplier of high quality pen kits - some of the best kits I've ever seen; not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

General Turning Supplies

Suppliers of hand tools, power tools, machinery, finishes and general turning accessories.

Anything from small hand tools up to full grade professional machinery, Axminster also sell a range of pen and project kits and almost any accessory you will ever need for your turnings. I particularly recommend the Axminster YouTube channel and their Woodworking Wisdom shows.

The main supplier for Robert Sorby tools. Also has a very good range of project kits.

Run by Ed Oliver from his shop in Kent. Suppliers of both Robert Sorby and hamlet turning tools and a particularly good range of dyes, stains and other finishes. Also check out his entertaining YouTube channel

Suppliers of every kind of woodworking finish you'll ever need, and a great resource section for identifying the right finish for the right job.

Resin Stabilising

Manufacturer and Supplier of Cactus Juice stabilising resin, vacuum chambers and other accessories. Based in the US, the website is full of useful information.

The UK supplier of TurnTex products as well as a range of epoxy resins and casting equipment.

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