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Environmental Policy

Here at Tessellata we are concerned about the environment and are doing what we can to reduce our impact on the planet. 


Packaging Materials

We are reducing our reliance on single-use plastics in our packaging materials, and wherever possible using recycled materials.

Sourcing Our Timber

We are aware that deforestation is a significant issue particularly for our industry, so we endeavour to source sustainable timbers or recycled and reclaimed materials. 

For the most part, the timber we use comes from sustainably grown trees, where a new tree is planted for every one felled.

Native timbers may come from managed forests but may also come from tree-surgeons and councils where damaged trees are felled or trimmed back.

Finally, we also stock reclaimed timbers that may come from timber yards, reclamation sites and recycling centres.

Endangered Species

Although we do stock small amounts of timbers from endangered species such as rosewoods and ebony, these are always from reclaimed materials that have been in the UK since before any import controls were imposed and which would otherwise end up in landfill. Please note that products made from these timbers may be sold in the UK but must not be exported.

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